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IMx 1.1
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Please read the End User License Agreement before downloading. If you proceed with the download, we assume you have accepted the contents of this agreement.

- The CD writing function is now compatible with the Automatic Recognition function (generic mode).
The Automatic Recognition function judges whether or not a drive is MMC compliant, allowing writing with drives other than the officially compatible drives.
*Please note that we do not guarantee writing in regards to all drives.
Double click the downloaded update installer to begin the update.
Download and use this latest update. This update will only work in an environment where ImageMixer with VCD 1.1 is installed. Below are the details of the latest version.

*Click on the [ImageMixer] found at the top left of the screen in each ImageMixer mode to check your ImageMixer version.

ImageMixer with VCD Ver.1.1.2
(There is currently no Macintosh update available.)

If you are currently using a version earlier than this, please download and use this latest version. Click the [Windows] button below to commence download of the ImageMixer update.
File name:imxvcd_112.exe (Self-extracting format)
Attributes: Binary
Size: 5,451,669 bytes

Note: Please do not use this update if you have Upgraded to ImageMixer VCD/DVD,
as the contents of this update are included in the Upgrade.

Due to requests from ImageMixer users, printable versions of the HTML Help files included on the ImageMixer CD-Rom are now available for download. Click the appropriate icon below to begin download.
(Please note that the content of these PDF files may differ slightly to that included on your bundled ImageMixer CD-Rom.)

ImageMixer 1.1 with VCD

Manual 1

Manual 2

Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view downloaded files.